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The Specific Application Of Smart Capacitive Touch Screens In The Hotel Industry


With the development of science and technology, we are more and more use the Smart Capacitive Touch Screens apply to the hotel industry. So what benefits will the touch screen application bring to the hotel?

The Specific Application Of Smart Capacitive Touch Screens In Hotels:

Smart Capacitive Touch Screens

You Can Publish Information On The Smart Capacitive Touch Screens:

  1. You can directly issue hotel emergency notices on the touch screen in time. To ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission.
  2. Real-time release of preferential information about entertainment venues and tourist attractions around the hotel on the touch screen. Display and forecast various forms of daily information such as weather information, world clock, air quality, etc. Provide customers with fast and convenient various information. Serve customers humanely, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance the hotel’s service and brand.
  3. The meeting schedule of the day can be displayed on the touch screen. Improve hotel quality and reduce the waste of resources caused by paper propaganda.

Use Touch Screen To Generate Revenue And Publicity

  1. On the touch screen, the hotel brand can be promoted to the staying guests in a targeted manner. Play hotel promotional videos in a loop. Moreover,improve the effectiveness and pertinence of publicity. Improve the image of the hotel and better establish a corporate culture.
  2. Publish the hotel’s service items in the waiting area of ​​the lobby. However, take advantage of mobile guest resources. Effectively promote various businesses.
  3. Cooperate with merchants to release information. Also publish business information, shopping and discount activities at tourist attractions, etc. To achieve a win-win situation for hotels and businesses.

The Touch Screen Can Interact In Real Time:

The touch screen can be connected with the reservation system of the meeting, and the on-site status of the meeting can be released in time.

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