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How To Maintain The Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay?


When using the Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay, because of technological limitations and poor environmental adaptability. Especially the surface acoustic wave screen. You can’t use the touch screen normally because of environmental pollution such as water droplets and dust. Therefore, the touch screen must be maintained regularly as general equipment. And because the touch screen is a relatively highly integrated touch all-in-one machine with a variety of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate good habits and pay attention to some daily problems when using and maintaining.

Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay

Tips For Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay Maintenance:

1. Before starting, wipe the Capacitive Touch Screen Overlay with a dry cloth every day.

2. Water drops or drinks falling on the screen will cause the phone software to stop responding. This is also because water drops and fingers have similar characteristics and need to be wiped off.

3. The touch screen controller can automatically judge the dust, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen. Just wipe the screen tidy with a dry cloth.

4. Use glass cleaner to clean up dirty fingerprints and oil stains on the touch screen.

5. A relatively simple anti-mouse mode that is sufficient for the application should be selected. Due to the complex mode, it must sacrifice delay and system resources .

6. The pure touch screen system does not use the mouse cursor, which can only make the customer’s concentration not centralized.

7. Turn on and off the switching power supply strictly according to the regulations.

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