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Small Industrial Touch Screen Application Scenarios


High-performance support based on Small Industrial Touch Screen. In the smart application scenario, we have summarized five application scenarios as follows:

1) Small Industrial Touch Screen Apply in Passage Inspection At School Gates

Campus entrance inspection is one of the effective ways to ensure campus safety. Install face recognition or touch screen at the school gate. Check in with student/faculty campus electronic pass. Verify the identity of people entering the campus. Not only can perform student attendance statistics. It can also alert non-students/faculty and staff.

2) Small Industrial Touch Screen Apply in Multifunctional Classroom

The application of multifunctional classrooms in smart education is becoming more and more popular. In some computer teaching and listening classes. Smart classrooms in which other devices are controlled by the touch screen of the lectern classroom are becoming more and more popular with students.

3) Library Book Query

The school library serves as a knowledge expansion library for students after class. A large number of books and teaching materials of various categories are stored. In such a huge number of books. In order to facilitate readers to quickly find the books they want. Before you store the book in the library, you can enter the book information on the touch screen. Readers can quickly find the location of the book through the touch screen.

Small Industrial Touch Screen

4) Campus Self-service Express Cabinet

College students are one of the main forces of online shopping. The express delivery service on campus is also facing considerable pressure. With the arrival of autonomous express delivery on campus, it not only saves a lot of time for campus express delivery, but also improves the flow efficiency of campus express delivery.

5) Campus Monitoring And Management

The campus monitoring system is an important means to ensure campus safety. What’s more, It is composed of WiFi wireless camera and supporting multiple industrial displays. So the feedback information section through the touch screen effectively eliminates hidden dangers of campus safety.

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