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Custom Capacitive Touch Sensor Are Very Popular In The Education Field!


At present, the custom capacitive touch sensor teaching on the market is very popular. Some manufacturers can also make special customizations according to customer requirements. In the application field, the touch screen integrates computer, TV, touch screen, multimedia, Internet and other functions into one. It can be widely used in teaching, conference, inquiry and other fields.

In the teaching field, the application of custom capacitive touch sensor teaching is gradually replacing the combination of traditional projectors and computers. Become the mainstream equipment of a new generation of teaching aids. Experiments have proved that the application of touch screen can effectively improve students’ enthusiasm in the classroom, teachers’ teaching pressure, and active classroom atmosphere. Many schools or training institutions have begun to purchase a large number of teaching touch devices.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Custom Capacitive Touch Sensor Apply In The Teaching Field:

1. The Country Promotes The Long-term Development Of Products Such As Environmental Protection And Energy Saving.
The touch screen not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces light pollution. The projector has high requirements for light. Too bright ambient light will directly affect the performance of the product. The touch screen is a good solution to this problem. It is not disturbed by external light. It will not be like an ordinary electronic whiteboard. In the case of dark light that is not visible, or reflection occurs. We hope that this high-quality function will bring sufficient convenience to users. Maintain good health.

Custom Capacitive Touch Sensor Are Very Popular In The Education Field!

2. The Touch Screen Is A Combination.
It avoids cumbersome things such as projectors, projection screens, sounds, controllers, and cumbersome connection control. It also avoids the inconvenience to the image effect caused by the ordinary electronic whiteboard when the light of the projector is blocked. In this era, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and convenience is efficiency.

3. There Are Many Options For Touch Screen Solutions
The size of the touch screen is increasing, and it can be independent of the size limit. Rich choices and higher performance. It has many advantages such as waterproof, dustproof, vandal-proof, support for multi-touch, smooth writing and so on.

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