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Basic Characteristics And Composition Of  TP Touch Screen


The transparent TP touch screen must be transparent. Digitizers, writing pads, etc. are not touch screens. Transparency directly affects the visual effect of the TP touch screen. Many types of touch screens are multilayer composite films. Therefore, it should also include four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflectivity and clarity.

TP Touch Screen

Absolute coordinate system The touch screen is an absolute coordinate system. The essential difference from a relative positioning system such as a mouse is its intuitiveness. Its characteristic is that each positioning coordinate has no relationship with the last positioning coordinate. The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system. The data of each touch is converted to coordinates on the screen through calibration.

Detecting touches and positioning various touch screens all rely on sensors to work. Some touch screens are themselves a set of sensors. The positioning principle and the sensor used determine the response speed, reliability, stability and life of the touch screen.

The Following Three Most Basic Components Constitute A TP Touch Screen System:

(1) A TP Touch Screen For Touch Use

We can install in in front of the monitor screen to detect the user’s touch position and send the signal to the touch screen controller after receiving the signal. However, Touch screens are divided into four basic types according to their working principles and information transmission media: resistive technology touch screens, capacitive technology touch screens (including analog and near-field imaging projection capacitive touch screens), acoustic wave technology touch screens (including surface acoustic wave and acoustic bulk wave touch screens), Infrared scanning technology touch screen.

(2) A Controller That Can Convert Touch Signals Into Control Signals

The type of controller have RS-232 serial port, USB Pi, PS-Bus, PC/2, chipset controller and so on.

(3) A Set Of Driver Software Used To Communicate Between The Controller And The Operating System

The driver software uses the calibration points that come with the program to convert the absolute coordinates transmitted by the touch screen controller into screen coordinates according to these calibration points. The driver also performs other operations required by related applications.

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