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Can Medical Equipment Use Capacitive Touch Glass PCAP?


Medical Equipment Use Capacitive Touch Glass Pcap

Can medical equipment use capacitive touch glass Pcap? We have made quite a few capacitive touch screens for medical equipment. However, the requirements for touch screens are also quite high, especially for touch screens used by doctors.

Capacitive Touch glass pcap
Our dingtouch touch screen manufacturers have made many types. It is used for capacitive touch screens on medical equipment. It has also been done because of the inappropriate replacement of capacitive screens with resistors. The touch screen may cause touch failure or jump points due to the influence of the environment. Therefore, we generally have to confirm the application field of the product with the customer. We will provide suitable solutions in accordance with the relevant needs of customers. We have several structures for the capacitive touch screen structure. These structures are g+g, g+f+f, p+f+f, and p+g. According to the customer’s product application field, in addition to providing IC touch solutions, there is also a touch screen structure.

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