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Capacitive Touch Glass Screen Will Be The Market Trend


This article compares the principles of Capacitive Touch Glass Screen and resistive touch screens. It classifies and introduces capacitive touch screens, and summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of capacitive touch screens. It indicates that the capacitive touch screen will surely replace the resistive development trend. Familiar with multi-field and multi-disciplinary technology.

Capacitive Touch Glass Screen Will Be The Market Trend

There are two main types of capacitive touch screens: surface capacitive touch screens and projected capacitive touch screens. Touch screens are widely used in various fields of our daily lives. Such as mobile phones, media players, navigation systems, digital cameras, digital photo frames, PDAs, game equipment, monitors, electrical control, medical equipment, and so on. The mainstream touch screens are divided into resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, surface acoustic wave touch screens, infrared touch screens, and so on. Among them, infrared and capacitive touch screens can support multi-touch.

Capacitive Touch Glass Screen

The former cannot meet the requirements of consumer products due to size limitations and low linearity. The capacitive touch screen because of its relatively acceptable cost as well as good linearity and operability. It is the current mainstream multi-touch technology. Now in our real life, many devices are capacitive touch screens. But we believe that more and more devices will use capacitive touch screens in the future.

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