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Why is resistive touch screen eliminated by TP capacitive touchscreen?


What are the previous advantages of resistive touch screens compared to TP capacitive touchscreen?

1 The dust, moisture and oil will not affect TP capacitive touchscreen .  And we can use it in lower or higher temperature environments. What about now? Capacitive screen wet-hand control and has a pretty good solution, and the anti-oil and anti-fingerprint coating is not exclusive to high-end machines.

2 The resistive touch screen uses pressure sensing and can be touched with any object. Even with gloves, we can use it for handwriting recognition. Today, the operation of wearing gloves can be captured through the ultra-sensitive touch chip. And the accuracy of the current capacitive screen is not what it used to be.

  1. The cost of resistive touch screen is relatively cheap due to mature technology and lower threshold. Due to the mass production, it is not an exaggeration to say that the capacitive screen is the price of cabbage. At present, the touch technology of capacitive screen is developing by leaps and bounds, and it is not surprising that the resistive screen will exit.

TP capacitive touchscreen

Compared with TP capacitive touchscreen, the fatal disadvantage of resistive touch screen


  1. First of all, due to its multi-layer structure. We can not use it as an incell, and the light transmittance is extremely poor.


  1. Secondly, the principle of resistive touch screen as follows. Resistive touch screen is a kind of sensor, which is basically a structure of film and glass. layer, TO has good conductivity and transparency. When we perform the touch operation , the TO on the lower layer of the film will contact the 1TO on the upper layer of the glass. And the corresponding electrical signal will be transmitted through the sensor, sent to the processor through the conversion circuit. And converted into the X and Y values ​​on the screen through operation. The completion point selected action and rendered on the screen.


  1. As a result, it can’t make tempered glass or other hard materials on the outermost layer . So the resistive touchscreen will be bruised without film. After all, the hardness is too far. And the screen will be scrapped directly after the screen is broken. (as long as we not dmage the capacitive touch screen and we can continue to use touch layer )

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