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PCAP Touchscreen Overlay Application In Ordering Machine To Improve Service Quality In The Catering Industry


Use the PCAP Touchscreen Overlay in the ordering machine system. It is a new generation of products that has emerged with the development of intelligence and information in the catering industry. Compared with the traditional ordering service method.  The electronic touch screen ordering has the characteristics of high efficiency and comfort. It effectively saves human resources and improves the quality of service. A typical ordering machine system with a touch screen consists of an ordering terminal, a cash register management system, and a data scheduling management system. The electronic touch screen ordering system can improve the restaurant’s business strategy, management efficiency and service quality. With the development of information technology, it will be more widely used and has a broad prospect.

Advantages Of PCAP Touchscreen Overlay Application In Ordering Machine

1. The touch screen ordering machine greatly improves the efficiency of serving dishes and improves customer satisfaction.

2. The touch screen ordering machine can save personnel costs: advanced technology will surely bring efficiency improvements and higher productivity. Due to the use of wireless ordering technology. Let the system help to complete all the things that need to be communicated with other departments, which significantly strengthens the work coverage and work ability of the ordering staff.

PCAP touchscreen overlay

3. Improve sales ability and reasonably increase restaurant revenue. Using wireless ordering equipment, you can instantly understand the total consumption of guests. And the structure of the dishes ordered during the ordering process. So that you can make a reasonable match according to the consumption ability of the guests From the perspective of dishes. We can recommend dishes more reasonably to customers. What’s more, the sales ability of waiters will be greatly enhanced, the restaurant’s gross profit margin will be effectively improved. However, customer satisfaction will also be higher.

The touch screen terminal of the self-service ordering machine has the characteristics of fast communication speed, strong operability and easy maintenance. Moreover, It adopts open source software design. It reduces the cost of the system and is more competitive in the market.

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