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Precautions For Transportation Of The Multi Capacitive Touchscreens


Although most people know that multi capacitive touchscreens should be handled with care during transportation and storage. Avoid falling, knocking and impact during transportation. However, there are still a lot of scratches on the touch screen from shipment to receipt. Fragmentation or other damage. So, how do you keep the touch screen during transportation?

Multi Capacitive Touchscreens

Multi Capacitive Touchscreens Packaging

The manufacturer’s personnel are packing the multi capacitive touchscreens. Be sure to use soft boxes or polyethylene composite bubble pads one by one to wrap the multi capacitive touchscreen tightly and place it in a large packing box. And the number of touch screens in the big box should not be too many. In order to avoid scratches and chipping of the industrial display screen due to the friction and collision of the touch screen.

Multi Capacitive Touchscreens Detection

During the delivery process, the appearance of each touch screen should be checked. When it is found that the touch screen is damaged, it is necessary to communicate with the logistics company or the touch screen supplier in time. To determine the responsibility of the third party and avoid other disputes due to damage to the touch screen.

Storage Of Touch Screen

There are too many touch screens purchased in a single purchase and some details should be paid attention to when putting them into inventory. For example, ensure that each touch screen is intact and undamaged before storage. Pack and seal with polyethylene bubble cushion before storage. Place in a cool and dark place. And can not put anything on the packaging box storing the touch screen.

The above are some common questions about the transportation and storage of touch screen related products. I hope to be helpful. Knowing these common sense can also reduce the damage rate of the touch screen and save costs.

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