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Dingtouch Industrial Capacitive Touch Glass Application Case


  1. With the emergence of a new machine, many people will always question its role. It is equivalent to this industrial capacitive touch glass. Some people also question whether this touch screen can play a very good role. Let me introduce you through this successful case of Touch Check.

Industrial Capacitive Touch Glass Application In School Ordering Machine

First, we saw the application of this machine in our XX middle school. It is put into use in this canteen. And it became the first school in the province that put into use the industrial touch screen for ordering food. The students there only need to touch it on the industrial touch screen. Enter your campus card account number. Follow the prompts to complete this ordering step.

Industrial Capacitive Touch Glass

Then there will be a display of deduction in the account on the student’s campus card. Students can order meals in this way. In this way, it can also alleviate the congestion of the auntie to prepare meals during the peak meal period. Moreover, the upper limit of the daily fixed consumption of students can be set through the system. To a certain extent, there will avoid the wasteful behavior of students.

Industrial Capacitive Touch Glass Application In Hospital

Case two is the introduction and use of industrial touch screens in hospitals. Through the use of this machine, patients can register directly on the machine and select the subjects and doctors who need to see a doctor. To a certain extent, it alleviates the difficulty of waiting for the patient to see a doctor, and the problem of waiting for a long time to see the doctor.

Maintenance Of Industrial Touch Screen

Because of the current technical limitations and the impact of the equipment use environment, if the industrial touch screen is disturbed by water droplets, dust, temperature differences, etc., it will not be able to use it normally. Therefore, the industrial touch screen requires regular maintenance and maintenance.

Industrial touch screen is a necessary hardware facility for modern industrial production, office and public places. Its maintenance is also a trivial but indispensable thing. In general common sense, the most common causes of industrial touch screen failures are nothing more than “dust, water droplets, and static electricity.”  In addition, there is a kind of injury that is not taken seriously. Let me share with you the techniques for preventing touch screen flickering and reducing maintenance costs in the use of industrial touch screens.

1.To Greatly Extend The Service Life Of Industrial Touch Screens.

First of all, it is recommended to choose a high-quality screen protector, considering the light transmittance, input fluency and material rigidity. The filming is also a technical activity. It is best to follow the order from the edge to the center and then to the edge, without leaving bubbles.

2.The Most Severe Damage To The Touch Screen Is Actually The Handwriting Input.

Even a high-quality screensaver film. If you use handwriting input, it will only take one month. The nails will scratech  industrial touch screen . Therefore, we strongly recommend to use Pinyin or Wubi input method. Because it will get used to it faster than you can write by hand.

3.In Addition To Scratches On Industrial Capacitive Touch Glass

Another phenomenon that has a greater impact is the occurrence of air bubbles. Because if click one the same part for a long time and then it will cause air bubles. We should replace the film in time. If after removing the screen saver, it is found that the touch screen also generates bubbles due to over-clicking. It is possible to replace only the film on the screen without having to replace the entire screen.

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