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Why Are Large Capacitive Touchscreen Widely Used In Science And Technology Museums?


The widespread use of large capacitive touchscreen has overturned people’s smart experience for mobile phones and tablet PC products. Therefore, more and more smart product enthusiasts are actively exploring which touch screen to serve? This type of touch screen has a function similar to that of a touch panel. Now I will briefly explain why we use large capacitive touchscreen widely in science and technology museums:

Large Capacitive Touchscreen

1. Large Capacitive Touchscreen Support Multi-touch, High sensitivity

According to survey feedback, more and more science and technology museums nowadays generally adopt integrated touch screens. This is because this advanced touch screen supports multi-touch and has high sensitivity. People can demonstrate various technological products through touch screen operation. This technology display method is more three-dimensional and more intuitive. In addition, the multi-touch function of the touch screen can also improve the response speed of the touch screen in an all-round way.

2. It Is More Conducive To Enhancing The Sense Of Technology Viewing Experience

The touch screen allows more viewers to intuitively understand all kinds of mysterious technology products. Through and touch interactive experience can also greatly enhance the viewing experience of the science and technology museum. In addition, it has an inductive liquid crystal display device with built-in contacts and other input signals. The technological images and background audiovisual effects produced by this device are very good. Therefore, it can further stimulate the viewer to explore the secrets of technology.

3.Large Capacitive Touchscreen Have Multiple Different Functions

The reason why touch screens have high frequency applications in science and technology museum exhibitions. It is because it has a number of different functions. However,It can be used as an ordinary projector. It is used to enlarge or display the information of technology products in full screen. In addition, the touch screen also has audio functions. The background music or animation dubbing of technology products can also be displayed along with the screen.

The touch screen has realized all-round applications in many different fields such as commerce, education, and medical treatment. Especially those touch screens with good service and good after-sales are also in various fields because of craziness. The reason why we use large capacitive touchscreen widely use in science and technology museums. The main reason is that it supports multi-touch and has high sensitivity. It is also conducive to enhancing the sense of technological viewing experience and possessing a number of different functions.

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