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How To Choose Capacitive Touch Screen Glass?


At this stage, the capacitive touch screen glass,. It is not a new product, has been on the market all the time.But most people still have a little understanding of the capacitive touch screen. Today I will take you to learn an important part of capacitive touch screen-panel glass. When I hear this term, many people may say, isn’t it just glass. We have dealt with glass since we were young, so what else should we learn? But the editor tells you that the panel glass of the capacitive touch screen still has a lot of tricks.

The panel glass of the capacitive touch screen is generally divided into four types: conventional glass, AF glass, AR glass, and AG glass. Below we explain one by one how to choose these four types of glass?

1.Conventional Touch Screen Glass:

That is, ordinary glass in the industry.  We mainly use it indoors and has no special requirements.

Capacitive Touch Screen Glass

2.AF Touch Screen Glass:

AF —- Anti-fingerprint. General SiO2+AF materials (DON, M4, Dow Corning AF materials), generally use vacuum evaporation coating method.

Principle: AF anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint glass is based on the lotus leaf principle. Coating a layer of nano-chemical materials on the outer surface of the glass minimizes the surface tension of the glass. However,it will reduce 90% the contact area between dust and glass surface . It has strong hydrophobicity, oil stain resistance and fingerprint resistance. Make the video screen glass panel maintain a smooth and beautiful effect for a long time.

AF touch screen glass product features:

1) Anti-fouling: Prevent fingerprints and oil stains from sticking and being easily erased;

2) Anti-scratch: The surface is smooth, feels comfortable, and is not easy to scratch;

3) Thin film: excellent optical performance, without changing the original texture;

4) Wear resistance: with true wear resistance

AF coating product application areas: mobile phones, tablets, smart home touch all-in-one machines

3.AR Capacitive Touch Screen Glass

AR — anti-reflection. By increasing the glass (screen) light transmittance, reducing the glass (screen) reflectivity to achieve the purpose of anti-reflection.

Principle: When the light is emitted from the light-thin material to the light-dense material, the reflected light will have a half-wave loss. After we add AR to the glass, the reflected light on the surface is exactly half a wavelength away from the optical path difference of the reflected light on the front surface of the film . The reflected light on the front and back surfaces cancels each other out. That is equivalent to increasing the energy of the transmitted light. And you can reduce the reflection effect on both sides of the glass at the same time.

AR product features:

1) High penetration: Nano-level optical coating technology can increase the light transmittance of ultra-white glass by 2-3%

2) Durable: can be maintained for 25 years in harsh environments

3) Prevent condensation: greatly suppress condensation of photovoltaic glass

4) Anti-scratch hardness: it will increase 1H hardness and anti-scratch effect after coating

5) Anti-water accumulation: The angle of the water droplets falling on it reaches >110°, and the panel automatically slides down when it is tilted, and does not affect the vision

6) Easy to clean: It can be reduce 80% infinitely, extremely easy to clean

AR product application areas: front and rear windshields of automobiles, solar photovoltaic industry (solar panels), range hoods, large outdoor advertising screens, etc.

4.AG Touch Screen Glass

AG — anti-glare. It is to achieve the effect of multi-angle diffuse reflection after the glass surface is treated with one-sided or double-sided special treatment. Thereby improving the viewing angle of the picture, reducing the interference of ambient light, and reducing the reflection of the screen.

Principle: Through light scattering and diffuse reflection, reduce reflection and achieve anti-vertigo. So The purpose of anti-glare is to create a clear and transparent visual space. Therefore, there is a better visual enjoyment.

AG product characteristics:

1) Reflected infrared: reduce the transmittance of infrared on the glass surface to reduce the infrared light entering the room

2) Enhance light transmittance: while reflecting infrared light, it enhances the transmission of other light sources without affecting the indoor lighting effect

3) Anti-glare: The light emitted by the light source is the same as the diffuse reflection (the essence of AG coating) to change the visual stimulation of the reflected strong light to the observer

Application areas of AG products:

1) The frames of precious calligraphy and paintings in high-end galleries and art galleries keep the calligraphy and pictures for a long time without fading.

2) Preservation of valuable cultural relics such as museums and archives.

3) Electronic whiteboard, DLP/LCD touch screen, DLP/LCD TV wall. It has high light transmittance and anti-glare.

4) Precision instrument screens, medical equipment windows, liquid crystal display windows, electronic product windows, etc.

5) KFC, McDonald’s and other restaurants order food plates, the name of the product is clearly visible. What’s more, there will not see light reflections.

6) Airport, hotel signs, instruction screens, etc.

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