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7 Touch Screen Panel For Face Recognition


7 Touch Screen Panel For Face Recognition

The touch screen of the face recognition machine has indeed brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Like many corporate time attendance punch cards, facial recognition punch cards are used. Convenience and simplicity are more humane. It has a monitoring function. It can also have voice intercom function with touch function. Recently, we have a customer asking if we can do 7 touch screen panel for face recognition. We are a fully customizable 7-inch touch screen for face recognition.

The Benefits Of 7 Touch Screen Panel For Face Recognition

7 Touch Screen Panel

1) Convenient And Fast

If you install a 7 touch screen panel face recognition machine in a commercial building. That really brought great convenience to these people at work. Because they only need to stand at the gate and enter the building through face recognition on the touch screen. It is very convenient, you don’t need to do any operation.

2) Statistics Of 7 Touch Screen Panel

Now that many of us enter a commercial office building, you may be asked to register. In the past, it was all paper registration. For example, write your name, contact information, etc. This makes it easy for them to register the entry and exit records of strangers. But if you have a 7 touch screen face recognition machine. You can automatically register directly on the touch screen. It is very convenient for people entering the building. It is also very convenient for property management personnel. As long as they are connected to the Internet, they can send the daily registration records to their computers to directly count the data.

3) Accuracy

In the past, all registration information was handwritten. It may cause information errors. But now using a 7 touch screen panel , you can directly import and save data. Almost all statistics are very accurate.

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