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How To Choose A Reliable Multi Touch Screen Glass Factory?


More and more devices now require Multi Touch Screen Glass. So many customers will come to inquire about custom touch screens. So how to choose a reliable touch screen factory? Where is the advantage of our touch screen factory?

Advantages Of Multi Touch Screen Glass Factory

1.Production capacity and production process, timely delivery

1) It has a supporting dust-free purification workshop of 15,000 square meters

2) The monthly output of 3.5-55 inch touch screen can reach 500,000 pieces, and the delivery time is controllable

3) Laser Sensor process

4) G+G bonding, G+FF, P+G bonding and TP+LCM full bonding technology

2.Experienced engineers and management talents, professional services

1) A team of more than 20 engineers, with an average industry experience of more than 10 years

2) Touch screen R&D base, equipped with a full set of R&D and production equipment

3) Engineers can develop adaptive capacitive touch screens according to customer needs

4) Middle and senior managers have more than 10 years of company management experience

multi touch screen glass

3.Production of touch screen

1) The through rate of touch screen production is over 98%

2) The qualified rate of IQC sampling inspection is over 99.5% when shipped to the client

3) High customer satisfaction

4) After-sales defect is less than 0.2%

4.Very attentive service

1) A professional customer service team of more than 10 people is online 12 hours a day to solve customer needs in a timely manner

2) The product has an adaptation problem, the engineer will provide service within 24 hours

3) Establish customer organic files, save customer customized information, and improve service quality

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