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Does The Appearance Of The Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass Have A Big Impact On Us?


Does The Appearance Of The Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass Have A Big Impact On Us?

The application of Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass is very common in the 21st century. For example, the TV, computer, projector, our smart phone and so on in the home. Nowadays, it is more and more widely used. In our classrooms, teachers are now using this technology to show students more different courses. There are also offices, in office buildings, and many meeting rooms will follow this touch screen projector. Meetings are also more efficient and have a certain effect on work, so this kind of touch screen has a great impact on us!

Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass

1.Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass Display Of Commercial Housing

The display of commercial housing should show a set of commercial housing. How many floors of apartment types can be implemented to show. Use the touch screen all-in-one machine to plan the house and create a 3D image effect. Guests want to see which floor of the apartment type, just touch the screen.

2.The Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass Is Used In The Inquiry Machine

Query department location information, such as a touch screen all-in-one manufacturer covering an area of 2,000 square meters, divided into many parts. It will take a long time to find a department. You can know the current location, the route to go, and the direction through the touch screen query machine. The corresponding department management information can also be clearly known.

3.The Touch Screen Is Used In The Community Query Machine

The use of the community can know the situation of the members of the community in the area through the touch screen inquiry machine. Dynamics and new things within the community. You can also inquire about the intent of the pipe network and the tasks issued. Can do feedback with the community at any time.

4.Touch Screen Applications In Shopping Malls

The use of a shopping mall is like a medium-sized shopping mall, where there are many products for sale, but for a customer, if he wants to know where the product needs to be, he can check through the touch screen all-in-one machine to know whether the mall has such products, and the products are placed in the shopping mall. There, the place where the quotation and the goods are shipped, and the amount of inventory at the time of storage.

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