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The Relativity And Difference Of Industrial Touchscreen Glass


Industrial touch screen is an intelligent system operation display terminal that replaces traditional control buttons and display lights. We can use Industrial Touchscreen Glass to set main parameters, display data information, and monitor system conditions. Outline the entire process of mechanical automation through graphs/animations. The relativity of industrial touch screens generally has many advantages. Such as fire prevention, moisture prevention, anti-static, pollution control, anti-vegetable oil, anti-scratch, anti-flicker, light transmission, etc.

The Difference Between Industrial Touchscreen Glass And General Touch Screen

The biggest difference between industrial touch screens and general touch screens is that we use it in industrial production environments. Environmental factors are more complicated. Such as processing plants, high or low temperature, vibration, smoke and dust, etc. Will cause great harm to the characteristics of the touch screen. So use the touch screen in a more unique environment. It should be a product with high performance indicators and good protection. This is our common industrial touch screen.

Industrial Touchscreen Glass

Precautions For Using Industrial Touch Screen

In order to maintain a stronger touch screen sensitivity. Industrial touch screens should minimize the short-distance exposure or sunlight exposure of synthetic light sources. Immediately remove dust from the four corners of the display and the bottom frame. Avoid damaging the precise positioning of the display screen due to the accumulation of dust. Try not to place or discard small obstacles on the corners and frame of the display. , So as not to be isolated by obstacles, causing the touch screen to be unable to locate.

What has been explained above is the relativity and difference of industrial touch screens. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about industrial touch screen related information. Welcome to consult, we will wholeheartedly provide you with caring service!

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