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Environmental Factors Of Touch Screen Technology Evaluation Factors


Environmental Factors Of Touch Screen Technology Evaluation Factors

When evaluating touch screen technology systems, the ability of the system to resist environmental conditions is an important factor.

Tightness Of Touch Screen Technology

Sealing performance Sealing performance is the ability of the sealed touch system. Including the display circuit, not to be affected by dust, liquids and other factors. If the touch system is placed in a contaminated area. Sealing performance is an important consideration. In some environments such as surgical operating rooms, sealing performance is critical. The airtightness of all touch screens can meet NEMA 12 requirements. And the system can still operate after accidental water splashing or cleaning.

Touch Screen Technology

Durability And Riot Resistance

Durability and riot resistance Durability is the ability to withstand millions of touches for many years. Riot resistance is the ability to resist damage, such as scratches, vandalism, and theft.

1) Resistive Touch Screen Technology

Dust and dirt Excessive dust, dirt, or other contaminants have different effects on the touch screen. Analog capacitive screens, infrared screens, surface acoustic wave screens, and bulk acoustic wave screens can operate with low or moderate levels of dust, dirt, or other contaminants. Too much dirt affects performance. The dust ,dirt or other contaminantswill not affect the resistive screens and near-field imaging screens . Chemical substances All touch screens are not affecte by general-purpose cleaning. However, certain chemicals can damage some materials used on different touch screens. The resistive screen has a plastic coating, and any chemicals that damage the plastic cannot be used.

2) Infrared Touch Screen Technology

The infrared screen has an exposed polycarbonate surface. Chemical substances that damage polycarbonate noodles, such as those derived from petroleum, cannot be used. The manufacture of special infrared touch systems requires more materials resistant to chemical substances. Moreover, we will not use them widely used unless otherwise specified.


Vibration and shaking The impact of vibration and shaking on each type of touch screen is different. Moreover,it can go from no effect to serious damage to the device. If the touch system is applie to airplanes, trains, ships or other sports facilities. So this is an important consideration. In an industrial environment, huge vibrations and shaking may also occur.


Surrounding light The surrounding light refers to the intensity of visible and invisible light around the installed touch screen. However,ambient light will not affaect most types of touch screens. If you place the touch screen indoors, the surrounding light generally does not cause any problems.

Temperature, Humidity And Altitude

The temperature, humidity, and altitude of the touch screen application environment have an impact on the operation and durability of any system. Temperature affects the life of plastics and electronic components; humidity accelerates the erosion of circuits. Altitude affects circuit heat dissipation. However, the impact of the environment on the touch screen is smaller than the impact on the display circuit.

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