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How To Prevent “Ghost Touch” With Touch Screens?


Nowadays, many people may sometimes have various problems when using the touch screen. For example, has your touch screen been touched by ghosts? Sometimes the touch screen will trigger wrong commands ,ghost touch or other usability problems, which can make people feel very damned. But you only need to take some precautions to avoid these problems.


What Is Ghost Touch?

No, ghost touch does not mean that ghost is using your touch screen device. The term “ghost touch” refers to the phenomenon that the touch screen will trigger commands even when no one is operating the click or touch interface. It is equivalent to saying that the touch point jumps around, and the point is reported where you did not click.


All touch screen are designed to work by responding to touch commands with appropriate actions. For example, if you click or touch an icon, the touch screen will respond to work there. However, in some cases, the touch screen has already been touched without you actually touching it.  This phenomenon is called ghost touch.


If the ghost touch occurs frequently, it will really make people feel irritable. Because they will interfere with your touch experience. Ghost Touches may automatically open unwanted applications without you operating it, or they may close your existing applications. Will bring a lot of troubles to your life and work.

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What Causes Ghost Touch?

Ghost touch is usually caused by the accumulation of dirt or debris on the interface. Over time, it will accumulate more and more on the interface. If left uncontrolled, it may interfere with their ability to detect touch commands. Because the presence of dirt or dust may make the touch screen mistakenly believe that you have executed a touch command, when in fact it did not.


There is another situation that can cause ghost touches. If you bring the touch screen device close to conductive objects (such as car keys), you may experience ghost touches. Because the touch screen is realized because of the capacitive technology power supply.  So as long as it is close to a conductive object, it can work.


How To Prevent Ghost Touches?

We need to wipe and clean the interface of the touch screen frequently. Just wipe it regularly with a slightly damp wet towel. There is no need to use any special cleaning products.


While cleaning the display interface, the touch screen should be kept away from conductive objects that can be touched by ghosts. Because for capacitive touch screens, if any conductive object is too close to the touch screen, it will implement touch commands. Therefore, if your touch screen is powered by capacitive technology, you need to keep it away from unnecessary conductive objects.


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