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Which Scenarios Are Suitable For Capacitive Touch Screens?


More and more electronic products now use capacitive touch screens. Because we all say that this is the era of intelligence. So many devices have to keep up with the times. Products that may have used buttons in the past may now have to be replaced with touch screens. So now the touch screen industry is also relatively hot. So which scenes are generally suitable for capacitive touch screens?

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Which Scenarios Are Suitable For Capacitive Touch Screens?


In the office, we can see the facial recognition equipment at the entrance and exit of the building. There are also elevator floor buttons, office clocking machines and so on. These are now probably using capacitive touch screens. Because these are very convenient for our work. For example, in the office clocking machine, employees can clock in on time with a light touch. As long as the human resources department is connected to the computer, you can view the commute records of each employee.


The configuration requirements for the touch screen may be relatively low when used at home. Generally, we will use capacitive touch screens in smart home control systems. You can remotely control all household appliances or homes at home with just a light touch. No need to switch appliances one by one. So this also brings great convenience to our family life.

Use In Entertainment Venues

We use capacitive touch screens in entertainment venues, such as game consoles, singing KTV, etc. Because there are more people coming and going in entertainment venues. Therefore, some explosion-proof raw materials need to be selected in the selection of touch screen materials. Otherwise, some violent people may smash the touch screen. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the selection of materials.

The simple design of the touch screen represents the modern light life experience And it also predicts that our lives are becoming more and more intelligent. Do you see the use of intelligent touch screens in your office, your home, or when you go to entertainment venues?

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