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Advantages Of Customized Capacitive Touch Screens Apply In Kindergarten Teaching


Children in early childhood have seen new developments in physical, mental, neurological, and intellectual development. Especially with the growth of time, his sense of independence will continue to increase. At this time, it is also a very important stage for children’s learning. Therefore, many kindergartens will use touch screens to cooperate with teaching. So that young children can be in a good learning environment. So what are the advantages of customized capacitive touch screens applications in kindergarten teaching?

Advantages Of Customized Capacitive Touch Screens Apply In Kindergarten Teaching

Customized Capacitive Touch Screens

1. To Stimulate Interest In Learning And Thirst For Knowledge.

Interest is the motivation for children to learn. Because in the learning process, young children mainly rely on pure mechanical memory to learn. Therefore, the knowledge learned is not particularly strong, and it is easy to lose interest. However, once there is a new form of teaching. Toddlers are easily attracted by novel stimuli and develop strong curiosity. The use of customized capacitive touch screens is a powerful measure to stimulate children’s learning.

2. Customized Capacitive Touch Screens Can Enrich Children’s Perceptual Knowledge.

One of the more prominent features in all-in-one teaching in kindergartens is that it can enrich children’s perceptual knowledge. So that children’s senses such as vision and hearing can fully participate in learning. Its rich expressive power can vividly and intuitively show the whole process of the movement of things. Make children fully perceive the knowledge they have learned. Comparing, contrasting, and enlivening the thinking process of many features of things presented. Allow children to acquire more intuitive and clear, easy and understandable knowledge in a short period of time.

3. Promote Creative Thinking Ability And Language Expression Ability.

In the past children’s teaching process, the biggest problems encountered were generally some relatively abstract knowledge. This kind of knowledge is far away from the life of children, and cannot be visualized, so that the explanation can be concretely made to the children. This brings great difficulty to children’s understanding. The touch screen can display several small multimedia cartoons. Explain the abstract knowledge to the children visually and concretely. In this way, it can not only understand correctly, but also deepen the understanding of knowledge.

In addition, touch screen teaching can effectively improve students’ learning level and efficiency, mathematics quality and information literacy. And to improve the imagination of young children. Make the imagination more colorful.

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