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What Functions Need To Be Tested For Capacitive Touch Screen Kit?


What functions need to be tested for capacitive touch screen kit?

Determine whether a capacitive touch screen kit is a good product. It needs to go through a series of system tests before it can be shipped. Then the technical indicators of the capacitive touch screen kit produced by each touch screen manufacturer are different. And the test software is different. As a professional touch screen manufacturer, we usually get the manual and product source code from the IC supplier. Develop the test program by yourself.

capacitive touch screen kit

Generally, there are three types of specific equipment:

1) The computer
2)communication conversion adapter
3)test fixture

Both the computer and the fixture are easy to do. Only the communication adapter can be developed only when the development source code is obtained. Otherwise, a simple thing cannot be used for testing. Now our company is doing product development and testing. It is possible to quantify the test results. But this amount is not a number. It is one or more sets of data. Including the sensing range, the resistance value of the circuit, communication, and the path short circuit, and the mutual interference value and so on. It depends on how many touch matrices are on your screen.

Semi-finished Capacitive Touch Screen Kit Test:

Semi-finished products are generally tested for SENSOR circuit continuity to ensure good SENSOR, FPC continuity test, and finished electrode test before hot pressing.

Finished Capacitive Touch Screen Kit Test:

Finished capacitive touch screen test items: accuracy, linearity, sensitivity, linearity, response speed, anti-interference ability, pressure resistance, resistance to high and low temperatures, resistance to steam, salt spray, explosion-proof and anti-crack, etc.

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