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Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel Artificial Intelligence Faces Challenges


In the past few years, the development of Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel is obvious to all. More and more places begin to use it for services. With the expansion of applications, many fields require the integration of advanced science and technology in order to better function. In this way, the application of artificial intelligence began to appear. But after practice, it is not difficult to find that the field of artificial intelligence is still facing severe challenges.

The Gap Between Ideal And Reality

In the ideas of many manufacturers, touch screen artificial intelligence should be able to replace the work content of many people. For example, we mentioned earlier that the face recognition function in artificial intelligence is used for admission verification. There is no need to check the ticket, just brush your face and go through the gates. There is also the voice recognition function in artificial intelligence. You can distinguish the person’s gender, age group, and determine the display mode and so on. However, in actual operation, there will always be problems of one kind or another. For example, the face recognition function cannot fundamentally identify two people after makeup and makeup removal. The voice recognition function is also unable to correctly distinguish the age group of the input voice. So in real life. There is still a gap between artificial intelligence and ideal ideas.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

The Composition Of The Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel Safety Mode

Today’s high-tech products will be applied to the Internet, and the touch screen field is no exception. Using the Internet will face cyber risks. Such as hacking, data leakage and other security vulnerabilities. There is evidence that the complexity of machine learning software is a double-edged one. It will also introduce new attack avenues for hackers. This kind of hacking technique has brought an invisible threat to the development of this field.

The True Meaning Of Smart Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Panel Technology

On many occasions, what we call intelligence has been fully promoted to the level of interaction with humans. For example, in the field of home furnishing intelligence. It is already possible to use the smart home for cleaning, and you can receive guests when they come. When we go to work outside, we can remotely operate the air conditioner, TV, curtains, etc. at home through intelligent technology. But in the field of touch screen intelligence, this technology still needs to be developed. The intelligence we are talking about is the need for machines that can truly serve humans and solve more problems.

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