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Tell You What Is A Multi Touch Panel?


We also call touch panels are touch screens. All electronic devices use multi touch panel. If you don’t want your screen to be half of the area occupied by a boring keyboard, you must use the touch screen as a medium for man-machine dialogue.We use  the touch screen as a new computer input device. It is a simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It gives multimedia a new look. Therefore, it is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device.

1.Technical Points Of Multi Touch Panel:

From the perspective of technical principles. The touch screen is a transparent positioning system. First, it must be transparent. Secondly it is coordinates. Just touch it with your finger, unlike a mouse that requires a cursor for relative positioning. So you will be easy to be distract. Because you want to always pay attention to where the cursor is.

2.Classification And Principle Of Touch Panel:

From the technical principle to distinguish the touch screen, it can be divided into five basic categories. Vector pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistive technology touch screen, capacitive technology touch screen, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic wave technology touch screen.

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Among them, the vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has withdrawn from the stage of history. The infrared technology touch screen is inexpensive, but its frame is fragile. It is prone to light interference and distortion in the case of curved surfaces. The surface acoustic wave touch screen solves almost all the various defects of the touch screen. The clarity is not easy to be damaged, and it is suitable for various occasions. The fatal disadvantage is that if there are water droplets and dust on the surface of the screen, the touch screen will become dull or even not work. Therefore, it is difficult to universally use. Nowadays, capacitive touch screens are more commonly used in equipment. Because you can go where you want with just a light touch. Very convenient operation is loved by people.

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