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How To Use The Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens?


With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. Touch screens are also widely used by people. It brings a lot of convenience to people’s work and life. The application in the market is also very hot. It can be seen in various fields. Let’s take a look at the specific operation methods and skills of the Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens:

Calibrate The Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens

If you are using a Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens, it is recommended that you use it for the first time. First, install the drivers required by the capacitive touch screen correctly according to the requirements of the manual. Then use your finger to click “Start”/”Programs”/”Microtouch Touchware” on the screen to run the screen calibration program. After the calibration is completed, the system automatically stores the calibrated data in the register of the controller. After restarting the system in the future, there is no need to calibrate the screen.

Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens

If the capacitive touch screen is operated in the middle, the display resolution or display mode of the touch screen is changed again. Or, after adjusting the refresh frequency of the touch screen controller, you feel that the cursor cannot correspond to the touch point. All must re-calibrate the touch screen system.

Do Not Install Two Or Suspected Drivers On The Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens

In order to ensure the normal operation of the touch screen system. In addition to ensuring the correct installation of the system software. You must also remember not to install two or more touch screen drivers on a host. This will easily lead to conflicts when the system is running. As a result, the touch screen system cannot be used normally.

Inaccurate Touch Screen Alignment

When using a resistive touch screen, if you find that the cursor does not move or can only move in a partial area. You can check whether the touch area of ​​the touch screen is always pressed by other touch objects. For example, once the touch screen is pressed by the display housing or the cabinet housing. It is equivalent to a certain point being touched all the time. Then the coordinate position fed back to the controller is not accurate. Of course, the cursor cannot be positioned correctly. If the cabinet shell is pressing the touch area, you can increase the distance between the cabinet and the monitor screen. If it is the display case pressing the touch area. You can try to loosen the screws of the display case a little bit.

Keep The Touch Screen Surface Clean

Do not let water droplets or other soft things stick to the surface of the Capacitive Pcap Touchscreens. Otherwise, the touch screen is easy to mistakenly believe that the surface acoustic wave screen is inaccurate due to hand touch. Also when removing dirt on the surface of the touch screen. You can wipe it carefully from the center of the screen outwards with a soft dry cloth or detergent. Or use a dry soft cloth dipped in industrial alcohol or glass cleaning fluid to clean the surface of the touch screen.

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