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The Development And Application Of Capacitive Touch Screen Panel


The Development of Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

From the perspective of technical principles, the capacitive touch screen panel is a transparent absolute positioning system. First of all, it must be transparent. Therefore, it must use material technology to solve the transparency problem. Like digitizers, writing boards, and elevator switches, they are not touch screens. .

Secondly, it is absolute coordinates. It does not need a second action. Unlike a mouse, it is a set of relative positioning system. We can notice that the touch screen software does not require a cursor. Cursors affect the user’s attention. Force, because the cursor is used for relatively positioned devices. To move a relatively positioned device to a place, you must first know where you are and in which direction to go. And you need to constantly feedback the current position to the user at all times. So there will be no deviation. The capacitive touch screen panel don’t need to adopt absolute coordinate positioning.What’s more , it can detect the touch action of the finger and determine the position of the finger. Various touch screen technologies focus on “detecting finger touch” and the Eight Immortals cross the sea to show their magical powers.

With the increasing of multimedia information query equipment, people talk about touch screens more and more. Because touch screens are not only suitable for China’s multimedia information query national conditions, but also touch screens have many advantages. Such as sturdiness, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. Using this technology, the user can operate the host by gently touching the icon or text on the computer display with his finger. Thereby , making the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technology greatly facilitates those who do not understand computer operations. user.

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The Application Of Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

The application range of touch screens in our country is very broad, mainly for public information inquiry. Such as business inquiry of telecommunication bureau, tax bureau, bank, electric power and other departments; Electronic games, ordering songs and dishes, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sales, etc. In the future, touch screens will also enter the home.

Use More Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

With the increasing use of computers as information sources, touch screens are easy to use, sturdy, durable, fast in response,space-saving. System designers increasingly feel that using touch screens does have considerable advantages. It has only been a few years since touch screens appeared on the Chinese market. Many people has not touch and understand this new multimedia device , including some system designers who are planning to use touch screens. And they all thin touch screens as optional. From the perspective of the popularization of touch screens in developed countries and the stage that my country’s multimedia information industry is in, this concept still has a certain universality.

In fact, the touch screen is a device that makes multimedia information or control a new look. It gives a new look to the multimedia system and is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device. The system designers in developed countries and the system designers who are the first to use touch screens in our country . They have clearly known that touch screens are no longer optional for computers in various application fields. But are indispensable equipment. It greatly simplifies the use of computers. Even people who don’t know anything about computers can still use them at their fingertips, making computers more attractive. It solves the problems that cannot be solved by computers in the public information market.

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