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Where to buy a Medical Touch Screen Panel?


medical touch screen panel

Now in hospital ,there will use medical touch screen panel for device.So if you want to find a reliable touch screen supplier, which one should you choose? Needless to say, you should contact us—Dingtouch.


Reliable Medical Touch Screen Panel Solution

Today, more and more hospitals and clinics use medical equipment with integrated touch screens. Especially in the re-medical field, the simplicity of the equipment, fast response speed and very precise operation are extremely important.


Touch screen panel are used in different healthcare fields. It can enable staffs to quickly access the data of each patient and make a quick diagnosis of the patient. With touch screen panel technology, the handling of responsible medical equipment and equipment will also become easier and more efficient. Medical staff can save a lot of time and have a positive impact on patient care. At the same time, touch screen panel will be installed in each ward for simple phone calls, TV operations and other services at the bedside of patients. Because these programs are very simple and can be operated, even for the elderly, they can easily solve them, because they can be directly touched and do not require any technical knowledge. Finally, some hospitals will install touch-screen information kiosks at the entrance and exit so that people can find the route to the hospital at any time.


Dingtouch As a high-quality touch screen panel solution provider in the medical field, with more than 10 years of production experience, we can provide reliable solution for your projects, so that staff can rely on their reliability.


Chemical And Moisture-proof Glass Surface

The glass surface used in our medical touch screen panel is extremely sturdy and durable. Generllay ,we need to clean and distnfect frequently to medical instruments. But ours is fully resistant to any disinfectants, detergents, and even other chemicals. No matter how many times you wipe the disinfectant every day, it will not leave any marks on the surface of the touch screen panel.


Touch Screen Panel Support Glove Or Stylus Touch

Touch screen panel used in the medical field, I think it with gloves are very common. But ours can support fingers and with gloves. So no matter which way you touch, we can support it. Sometime in hospical ,we need touch with a capacitive stylus on the medical tablet. Such as using a stylus to draw pictures, view patient data, or confirm signatures. We also have a corresponding touch screen solution that we can support.


Sturdy, Scratch-resistant Glass

We all knows, in hospitals, there have many medicla device use capacitive touch screen. Sometime some people will often carelessly handle the available applications, so sometimes it will have a bad effect on the touch screen panel. But our touch glass uses 6H or even 7H hardness glass, so it is very strong and scratch resistant.


Dingtouch develop independent touch screen panel for various applications in the medical field. We have a wealth of production experience, and we can provide reliable solution for each of your projects. Welcome to customize your own one!Contact us!Let us start business together!

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