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How To Use The Touch Screen Panel Glass?


1. Do Not Use The Touch Screen Panel Glass For A Long Time In A High Temperature Environment

Do not use it for a long time under high temperature sun. When the ambient temperature reaches 40°C, it will cause the capacitive touch screen of the touch screen to drift. This will lead to the direct scrapping of the  Touch Screen Panel Glass for a long time. Cause economic losses to the company or individual.

2. Don’t Let The Strong Magnetic Field Close To The Touch Screen Panel Glass

The electromagnetic field must be avoided when using it. Because the magnetic field will cause the temporary failure of the capacitive screen (severe and possibly even sexual damage). Need to pay attention to magnetic items such as speakers. Do not let it close to the touch screen.

 Touch Screen Panel Glass

3. Don’t Let It Produce Serious Electrostatic Effects

The electrostatic effect easily penetrates the capacitive touch screen. Although the glass on the surface of the capacitive touch screen has undergone a certain anti-static treatment. But it can only withstand static electricity under a certain intensity. Therefore, you must pay attention when choosing a touch screen protective film. Try to choose a protective film with strong anti-static ability.

4. Don’t let oil and sweat touch the touch screen

Because oil, sweat, etc. touch the touch screen, it will cover the touch screen to form a dense conductive layer and cause the screen to drift. So the touch screen should be kept away from oil and sweat.

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