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Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Structure And Materials


The Structure Of The Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

The following describes the structure of the projected capacitive touch panel. Transparent electrodes are formed on both sides of the glass substrate, and x-axis electrodes and F-axis electrodes are formed on the surface of the glass substrate by insulating layer lamination technology. The projected capacitive touch panel structure uses a thin film substrate with ITO. The glue material also used at the same time. After patterning the ITO, it  can combine with the patterned PET film substrate to form a touch screen. Use conductive glue to form wiring and connect the electrodes to the external drive circuit. In addition, we can through a laser dry etching process or a wet etching process to achieve the patterning of ITO.

Projected capacitive touch panel

How The Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Forms Fine Electrode Patterns

Projected capacitive touch panel are the same as resistive touch screens, both of which need to form a fine IT0 electrode pattern. It require a photoresist with high-precision resolution . As the number of electrodes increases, wiring also becomes complicated. Need to be able to form a thin line conductive glue below 100|xm by printing technology. The previous conductive adhesive could not achieve this precision, and the high-precision conductive adhesive AF4500 was developed. Use AF4500 conductive adhesive to form wiring below XVm by printing technology. 3 Bond the X-axis and F-axis with an adhesive. Then connect with the FPC. On the glass substrate, wiring is also formed through a thin-film patterning process.

The development pf Touch Screens Has Increased The Demand For Conductive Adhesives

Taking the structure of a resistive touch screen as an example to explain we use the glue. All processes we can use the previous screen printing process to complet. It also can reduce production costs. At the beginning, we use it widely in mobile terminal products centered on PDAs. In recent years, with the development of large-scale and narrow-frame display devices. It is required to match the finely patterned conductive adhesive, which also requires improvement in printing technology. With the increase in the output of projected capacitive touch screens, and the development of resistive touch screen touch recording technology. The demand for conductive adhesives is increasing day by day.

Development Of Conductive Adhesive

The touch screen has also been continuously developed as a human-machine interface. The development of low-temperature curing, high-precision and low-resistance conductive adhesives is underway. To meet the needs of continuously developing products. In addition, the use of conductive adhesives continues to expand. We start to use it in organic solar cell wiring and RFID tag card antennas. Conductive glue can form long wiring through low-temperature printing technology, and it will play an important role in product development.

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