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Reasons For Choosing Capacitive Touchscreen Overlay


What Is A Capacitive Touchscreen Overlay?

The Capacitive Touchscreen Overlay is a transparent relative positioning system. It must be transparent at first. Transparent operation is handled by Process Material Technology Co., Ltd. Secondly, it can get the relative coordinates of the finger touch. The mouse is a relative positioning system. The characteristic of the relative coordinate system is that the coordinates of each positioning are okay with the coordinates of the last positioning. The touch screen is a separate coordinate positioning system in physics. Each touched part is transformed into coordinates on the screen.

Capacitive Touchscreen Overlay

The Principle Of Capacitive Touch Screen

The basic principles of the Capacitive Touchscreen Overlay are as follows. The essence of a touch screen is a sensor. When the customer touches the touch screen of the device on the display device with a finger or other object. The coordinates of the touched part are checked by the touch screen plc device. And through the process communication protocol (described as S-232C or RS-485 serial interface) to send the touch information to the PLC. And then get the input information. For example, the current capacitive touch screen tea table. The touch is dexterous and high. Applicable for 4-12 people to operate at the same time. It is suitable and widely used in restaurants, cinemas, office buildings, leisure clubs, coffee shops, beauty clubs, KTV, nightclubs and many other industries.

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