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Several Factors To Consider When Choosing A High Quality Capacitive Touchscreen


With the development of industrial technology, touch technology has matured day by day. The corresponding manufacturing costs of related products have also dropped significantly. And because of the convenience brought by the use of the high quality capacitive touchscreen. The operation of the application device can be greatly simplified. Therefore, the application of touch screen technology to today’s industrial equipment is more and more frequent. When choosing, in addition to considering product quality and stable after-sales service. Appropriate products should also be selected according to the actual use environment and purpose of the product. Below we will talk about the selection strategy based on the actual operating environment of the machinery manufacturing plant.

In the usual environment of a machinery manufacturing plant, we must first consider several common environmental issues in the operation of the manufacturing industry when we buy a touch screen. Such as moisture, oil, dust, dust, water, vibration, etc.

Several Factors To Consider When Choosing A High Quality Capacitive Touchscreen

High Quality Capacitive Touchscreen

1.High Quality Capacitive Touchscreen need Moisture-proof

First of all, the problem of humid environment, if the equipment is in a relatively humid environment for a long time. Excessive humidity will cause oxidation and corrosion of touch screens, components, power cords and other components. Then cause equipment failure. Therefore, when we choose the product we need to choose when we produce the touch screen. It is a product with anti-corrosion treatment for the PCB board in the product. For example, high-quality accessories need to be selected for chip components and power cords. Because the weld is the most susceptible to corrosion, it is necessary to do a good job of protection.


In many machinery manufacturing plants, the oil and dust of the equipment are stuck together and the touch screen will be blurred if it is not handled in time. If it goes down for a long time, the oil will penetrate through the fine slits along the edge of the touch screen, making some of the internal integrated circuit boards unable to work normally. It is recommended that large oil stains should be dealt with in time for routine maintenance.

3.High Quality Capacitive Touchscreen need Dustproof

Long-term accumulation of dust will also affect the operating accuracy and service life of the equipment. It is easy to cause the touch screen to fail to work. We need to attach high-quality double-sided tape during production. Also we need to use a material then can seal around the sides.


The waterproofing of the equipment must first consider the dripping water droplets. Generally speaking, the waterproofing of the environment of various machinery manufacturing plants is more considerate. Water may also seep in through the crevices on the surface of the touchpad. Therefore, there should take waterproof measures in all directions.


As an objective factor in the use of equipment, we often subconsciously ignore this problem in daily maintenance. But you must be aware that in a vibrating environment, there will shake touch screen for a long time, causing the wiring to fall off. Or cause the scattering of other parts. Therefore, we should choose touch screen products with shock-proof strength higher than the mechanical vibration amplitude.

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