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Welcome To Do Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Customization


Welcome To Do Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Customization

What does the capacitive touch screen panel customization need to provide before it can be customized? First, you need to have a sample or drawing. And the drawing is the most standard one, why? What material, how and what size are all clearly marked. We can also judge whether we can achieve the standard you want. If you provide samples, it is more difficult to size. Samples are provided only so that we can serve as a reference for the actual product. So the best is to be able to provide drawings of the touch screen.

Touch Screen Panel Customization

By providing drawings, we can fully see the size, structure, chip, interface, etc. of the touch screen. But there are some custom capacitive touch screens that have color requirements. We have encountered this situation. In particular, some colors may be slightly wrong each time they are made. So at this time, it is perfect to have physical samples as a reference.

Dingtouch industrial capacitive touch screen Manufacturer

Dingtouch as a professional touch screen manufacturer with more than 10 years touch screen experience.We are welcome to customize your capacitive touch screen .Here are some of our standard product . Such as 7 inch touch screen10.1 inch touch screen ,15 inch touch screen,15.6 inch touch screen,17 inch touch screen,17.3 inch touch screen,18.5 inch touch screen,19 inch touch screen,21.5 inch touch screen23.6 inch touch screen,23.8 inch touch screen,27 inch touch screen.Contact our team today to buy a capacitive touch screen are best for our retail business needs.

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