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Three Advantages Of Industrial PCAP Touch Screens That You Have To Know


Three Advantages Of Industrial PCAP Touch Screens That You Have To Know

With the development of industry, industrial PCAP touch screens are widely used in medical, industrial and military fields. Because of its highly reliable performance and good weather resistance. Strong anti-interference ability, wide temperature and other characteristics. Industrial touch screens generally use capacitive explosion-proof and drop-proof touch panels. Next, the editor will show you the advantages of industrial touch screens.

Three Advantages Of Industrial PCAP Touch Screen

Industrial PCAP Touch

1.Good Safety Performance

The general components of the industrial touch screen are well-known and good-quality components at home and abroad. Including glass, chips, and driver boards are all components of industrial-grade brands. However,it can ensure that the industrial touch screen has good safety performance.

2.Good EMC Performance

EMC is mean as anti-static. Everyone knows that industrial touch screens as electronic products are sensitive to static electricity. Static electricity will affect the performance of the LCD display. It will also affect the accuracy of the industrial touch screen. So the industrial pcap touch screen uses pressure-resistant design, anti-static design, anti-interference design and anti-magnetic design.

3.Touch Sensitive

Generally, industrial control touch screens use capacitive touch screens or infrared touch screens. The sensor is very sensitive and can support five-point, multi-point, or even 10-point touch. And it can support industrial gloves, medical rubber gloves, and hands that get wet during use. Or sweating can achieve precise touch.

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