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Touch screen manufacturers – capacitive touch screen FOG


Touch screen manufacturers – capacitive touch screen FOG

Today I will introduce our capacitive touch screen FOG. What I shared with you before is the touch screen. Let me introduce you to something else today. The difference between FOG and touch screen is that there is no cover plate. The cover plate is equivalent to our tempered glass to protect the touch screen function sheet. FOG it is relatively fragile and needs a protective case. The tempered glass is its protective shell.

capacitive touch screen FOG

Our touch screen manufacturers can provide them according to customer needs. FOG, tp touch screen, touch display, display touch screen, function sheet, etc. Whether it is the production of FOG in the front section, or the production of finished touch screens in the rear section. We can all make to order. All can be customized according to customer needs.

For example, you can see our capacitive touch screen FOG. It looks like a finished touchscreen. But actually it’s just bound to FPC. No cover yet. But it already has the function of touch.

Dingtouch industrial touch screen Manufacturer

Dingtouch as a professional touch screen manufacturer with more than 10 years touch screen experience.We are welcome to customize your capacitive touch screen .Here are some of our standard product . Such as 7 inch touch screen10.1 inch touch screen ,15 inch touch screen,15.6 inch touch screen,17 inch touch screen,17.3 inch touch screen,18.5 inch touch screen,19 inch touch screen,21.5 inch touch screen23.6 inch touch screen,23.8 inch touch screen,27 inch touch screen.Contact our team today to buy a capacitive touch screen are best for our retail business needs.

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