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Talk About The Development Of Customization Capacitive Touch Screen And Its Application In Various Industries


Customization Capacitive Touch Screen Is Widely Used

With the in-depth promotion and development of science and technology, following the pace of social development, technological progress. There are more and more customization capacitive touch screen applications that people come into contact with in their daily lives. Whether it is a supermarket, a shopping mall or a hotel, school, government unit, etc. The beautiful and practical touch screen not only allows users to provide convenient and quick consulting services. It also greatly improves the image and work efficiency of each unit.

Touch Screen Technology

Touch technology continues to evolve, and we have used the latest touch technology. Let you choose between two-point touch, four-point touch, and five-point six-point touch at will. In the practical application of multi-touch technology, there are mainly projected capacitive touch technology, infrared touch technology and optical image touch technology. Among them, the multi-touch technology suitable for super large size should belong to the optical image touch technology. The projected capacitive touch technology is the best choice for large-size all-in-one touch technology. This is because regardless of dimensional ductility, operational stability, and light transmittance. In terms of cost performance, capacitive touch technology has a strong advantage.

Customization Capacitive Touch Screen

With the continuous improvement of the level of information technology, the application range of customization capacitive touch screen is very wide. Such as finance, telecommunications, public media, entertainment, news display, conference systems, traffic monitoring, catering, real estate, hotels, hospitals, education and many other fields.

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