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What Are Single-point Touch Screen And Multi-point Touch Screen Technology?


Disadvantages Of Single-point Touch Screen Technology

Single-point touch screen technology has two major shortcomings. One is that resistive touch screen technology relies on the physical movement of the touch screen. Although the effect is small, the performance will decline after normal wear and aging. The other one is that this technology only supports single-point touch. That is, you can only use one finger at a time to make a single action on a certain area of the screen. To give full play to the functions of applications and operating systems. There need multiple fingers to achieve optimal usability. But now the multi-point touch screen technology is more and more popular.Do you know about the multi-point touch screen technology?

Multi-point Technology

The Multi-point Touch Screen system is a touch control method using multiple fingers. It’s like playing a musical instrument or other two-handed operations. In addition, this system technology can also allow multiple users to communicate with each other at the same time. Such as an interactive TV wall or direct manipulation of the computer. Using this sensory technology (strictly speaking, a sensory-driven technology) can provide high resolution. Use both hands to operate in complex multi-point windows.

Widespread Application Of Multi-point Touch Screen Technology

The application of multi-point touch screen technology is becoming more and more widespread. Almost all personal electronic products such as mobile phones now use touch screen technology. In addition, many large hospitals, shopping malls, libraries and other places have multi-point touch screen technology inquiry machines or other forms of touch screen products.

Multi-point Touch Screen

Multi-point touch is also called multi-touch, multi-point sensing, multi-sensing and so on. The system is a technology that adopts human-computer interaction technology and hardware equipment. It can perform interactive operations between humans and computers without traditional input devices (such as a mouse, keyboard, etc.). In other words, it is a combination of input and output devices. There perform all input and output operations on the display. Compared with single-point touch screen technology, multi-point touch technology can be implemented on one touch screen (screen, desktop, wall, etc.). Simultaneously accept input information from multiple points.

Various Touch Screens

There have many type of touch screen. Such as resistive touch screens, surface capacitive touch screens, projected capacitive touch screens, surface acoustic wave touch screens, infrared touch screens, and so on. Among them, infrared and emission capacitive touch screens can support multi-touch. The former cannot meet the requirements of consumer products due to size limitations and low linearity. The projected capacitive touch screen is due to its relatively acceptable cost and good linearity and operability. It is the current mainstream multi-touch screen technology.

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