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What Is The Impact Of Industrial Pcap Touch Panel On Various Terminal Industries?


Now industrial Pcap Touch Panel first appeared in people’s eyes, from the industrial field. After that, people felt the convenience brought by industrial touch screens to the industrial field. The system is connected through the industrial touch screen to facilitate the operation of the machine. And quickly extended to other industries. Including vertical fields such as medical care, transportation, and automobiles.

Industrial Pcap Touch Panel

What Is The Impact Of Industrial Pcap Touch Panel On Various Terminal Industries?

After extending to many vertical markets, the use environment and special requirements of these fields are not exactly the same as those of industrial control, which requires  industrial pcap touch panel to adopt different technologies and standards to adapt to the diversified and diversified characteristics. Traditional display screens are not enough, especially for professional applications such as medical and logistics terminals. These areas are not only in high demand, but the market scale is expanding rapidly, and different product strategies are necessary.

1. Medical industry

Medical equipment touch screens have the highest requirements. First, because medical equipment is expensive. Thousands of instruments are very common. Because of its particularity. Such as rubbing with alcohol, touching with gloves, etc. High standards and customization are required to meet the needs of medical equipment.

2. Logistics industry

The logistics terminal is used most frequently and the environment is harsh. There is often the possibility of falling, which brings great challenges to industrial pcap touch panel. Industrial pcap touch panel need to be more resistant to drops than other general touch screens and have a longer service life. To meet the high requirements of the logistics industry.

Various vertical industries indicate that industrial touch screens with higher customization requirements have become the development trend of the industry. According to different industries, industrial touch screens of different specifications and standards can meet the needs of customers.

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