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What Benefits Does Agricultural Touch Screen Bring To Farmers?


With the development of science and technology, we use more and more touch screens now applyto agriculture. So what benefits does the use of agricultural touch screen bring to farmers? Let’s have a chat today.

Increase productivity

The agricultural touch screen is applied to the agricultural field, which can greatly improve production efficiency. The terrain of our country is complex, especially in the south, with many mountainous hills. Take the orchards in these areas
In other words, the area is large and the terrain has a large drop. It is inconvenient to walk around manually. Walking on the steep slope with such a heavy sprinkler on his back. It’s really difficult, it’s really an individual effort. The use of touch screen to control the job is different. Just move your finger to touch the touch screen to control the operation of agricultural machinery, which is very convenient. It can also avoid direct contact between sprayers and pesticides, which improves safety. So the increase in production efficiency allows farmers to have more time to engage in other tasks and obtain more benefits.

Agricultural Touch Screen

Agricultural Touch Screen  Save production cost

The high cost of farming is an important reason to discourage farmers’ enthusiasm for farming. Buying seeds, fertilizers and pesticides requires a certain cost. But the more expensive farming costs are actually people labor charges. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources from raising seedlings.  And planting seedlings to spraying pesticides. The touch screen control machine sowing does not need to be so troublesome. The treated seeds can germinate and grow when they are sown directly. Older farmers no longer need to bend down to go down to the fields. And spraying pesticides is faster. It can be completed in less than tens of acres of land. Greatly save farming costs.

Agricultural Touch Screen  Realize the refined management of agriculture

Using big data analysis and communicating via the Internet, agricultural touch screens can be controlled remotely, and the health of crops can be monitored at any time. However,Agricultural touch screens are used in agricultural fields. , Behind this is data and equipment at work. It is the continuous development of drone technology. In the future, agricultural touch screens will help people free themselves from dirty and tiring farm work.

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