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What Role Does The Projected Cap Touchscreen Play In The Hospital Queuing System?


Every time I go to the hospital, I am always overcrowded. In order to reduce the service time of the staff when queuing. To create a good environment for patients to see a doctor, a queuing system came into being. The hospital outpatient call queuing management system refers to the intelligent call and queuing management system used in the waiting, charging, and medicine collection of the outpatient building, inpatient building, and comprehensive building of the hospital. Doctors and nurses can call patients in an orderly manner through this system. Standardize the hospital’s medical order and modernize outpatient management. So what is the role of the projected cap touchscreen in the hospital queuing system?

The Function Of Projected Cap Touchscreen In Hospital Queuing System

1. Projected Cap Touchscreen Reduce The Waiting Time Of Patients

After implementing the queuing system, most of the manual links have been reduced. Most of the intermediate links are controlled by computers and hardware. Shorten the waiting time of patients. For the hospital, it has also achieved a double harvest of economic and social benefits.

2.Projected Cap Touchscreen Improve Service Quality

At present, due to the large number of patients, they are in the process of patient visits. Patients need to line up in front of the consultation room for the doctor’s consultation signal. On the one hand, this affects the work of doctors, on the other hand, it also makes patients in a state of constant waiting. After there implement the queuing system , patients only need to get the number dispatch sheet. There is no need to wait in line in front of the consultation room. Patients can sit quietly in the lobby of the hospital and wait for audible and visual cues, and then go to see a doctor. This also reflects the hospital’s good will to care for patients. Improve the quality of hospital services.

Projected Cap Touchscreen

3. Eliminate Chaos In The Clinic

In the past, once it was the peak period of consultation. In order to see the patient earlier, the patient or the patient’s family members kept walking between the treatment room and the patient. This makes the already chaotic hospital environment even more chaotic. It not only affected the work of doctors, but also increased the workload of the doctors in the hospital. Caused unnecessary trouble to the patient. After the queuing system is implemented, patients and their families only need to sit there waiting for calls from the voice and display screen. There is no need to constantly visit, and a quiet and peaceful environment for medical treatment is formed for the hospital. It also creates a good working environment for doctors.

4. Increase The Basis For The Assessment Of Doctors

The comprehensive statistical report of this system prints the number of patients treated by each doctor. The number of successful medical visits, the total medical visit time, and the average medical visit time per patient. This is also an important basis for evaluating doctors’ performance, and can provide part of the reference data for hospital management.

5. Enhance The Image Of The Hospital

The implementation of a queuing system reflects the hospital’s consideration of the doctor’s working environment and the patient’s consultation environment. Reflect the advanced and scientific nature of the hospital window service. This is both in terms of the image of the hospital itself or the satisfaction of patients with hospital window services. Both have great significance. At present, the degree of informatization of management in all walks of life has improved. It also makes hospitals gradually move closer to new, advanced and scientific methods in management. The implementation of the remaining queuing system came into being in accordance with the current environment.

6. Provide A Basis For The Hospital To Make Relevant Decisions

This system provides real-time monitoring and comprehensive statistics functions. You can check the doctor’s visit at any time, as well as each doctor’s visit time. Provide a basis for the hospital to form relevant decisions.

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