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Why Does Industrial Automation Need to Use Industrial Custom Touchscreens?


The rapid development of industrial technology has brought our automation equipment technology to a higher level. In terms of industrial automation control, what we currently use is the industrial touch screen. But after a lot of practical applications. Industrial touch screens are more practical in industrial automation.Why Does Industrial Automation Need to Use Industrial Custom Touchscreens?

1. The Long-term Cost Of Industrial Custom Touchscreens Is Low

Ordinary touch screens are fragile when used in industrial automation and are prone to failure. Frequent maintenance will increase the cost of the enterprise. But the Industrial Custom Touchscreens is different, and the performance of the industrial touch screen is relatively stable. Although the initial investment cost will be higher than that of ordinary touch screens. But in the long run, it is definitely lower than the cost of ordinary touch screens.

 Industrial Custom Touchscreens

2. Industrial Custom Touchscreens Can Work 24 Hours

Many industrial automation sites are production lines, which require continuous production and work. People can rest, but machines cannot rest. Ordinary touch screens cannot be turned on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But the industrial touch screen can, and this is its advantage.

3. It Can Be Adapted To The Harsh Industrial Environment

Although ordinary touch screens can also be used in industrial automation. But it must be those sites where the environment is relatively good. There are requirements for the industrial environment. But the industrial touch screen is different. It is a special touch screen. Do a professional protection and test in dustproof, moistureproof and vibration proof. It can be used in any complex and harsh industrial environment. There are basically no requirements for the environment.

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