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Typical Application Of Dingtouch Touch Screen In Life


With the development of science and technology, we are using touch screen devices in all walks of life. The advantages of its simple operation are widely loved by people. Nowadays, touch screens are mostly in various public places. Provide people with a variety of convenient and efficient services and assistance. Below, let us take a look at the typical applications of Dingtouch Touch Screen in life:

1.The Store Uses Dingtouch Touch Screen Payment System:

Computer interactive terminal equipment is used in the checkout counters of some modern stores. Customers can print out the payment slip marked with the name and price of the goods by operating on the touch screen. Merchants can use full-screen video images for product promotion on the terminal. And customers can also inquire about products according to their needs.

2.Admission Ticket Inquiry Reservation System:

Use the touch screen admission ticket to check the reservation system. The reserved seat and the effect of watching the game can be displayed on the touch screen. After confirming the seat, put the credit card into the system to complete the reservation process.

3.Dingtouch Touch Screen Use In Financial Transactions:

In financial transactions, speed and accuracy are two extremely important factors. The use of the touch screen provides users with a means to easily and quickly deal with the rapidly changing information. The user makes a judgment based on the displayed content. And then touch the screen to complete the decision. Therefore, users can concentrate on trading.

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4.Corporate Meetings:

In enterprises, efficiency is an issue that people pay great attention to. The past meeting mode no longer meets the development needs of modern enterprises. Use the touch screen to conduct meetings. It can simplify the meeting process and optimize the meeting operation. Attract the attention of attendees and increase the activity of meeting interaction. Can effectively improve the efficiency of corporate meetings.

5.Shopping Mall Display Query:

In many large shopping malls, we have apply touch screen to replace manual services. Not only improves the overall service level of the mall. It also greatly facilitates the customers who come to consume. Merchants can also show consumers the latest promotions, product information, store discounts and other information on the machine.

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