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Why Does The PCAP Touch Screen Kit Jump?


Why Does The PCAP Touch Screen Kit Jump?

Now there have more product use the pcap touch screen.Because it very convenient for our lives and work. But sometime we maybe meet some problem of touch screen it.Like today we will talk about why does the pcap touch screen kit jump?

PCAP Touch Screen Kit

Cause Analysis:

PCAP Touch Screen Kit will have jump points in many cases. Especially in the sample debugging stage will appear this kind of problem. It is mainly caused by electrostatic interference, unstable voltage, driver error, CTP PCAP Touch Screen Kit short circuit and other reasons.


At the product design stage, electrostatic interference must be considered. Especially the design of FPCA must be grounded. If the customer’s use environment has serious interference, electromagnetic film must be used to resist interference. In addition, if the serial port of the CTP and the main control board is not connected properly, problems such as jump points will occur. During the sample debugging stage, the program must be debugged to the best condition. The more serious one is that CTP itself is short-circuited. This defect is mainly caused by the short of the sensor or FPC. For fatal defects, the CTP needs to be replaced.

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