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A Standard To Measure Whether A Touch Screen Overlay Is High Quality


Although the Touch Screen Overlay can be seen everywhere, everyone is also using it, but everyone’s understanding of it is not very in-depth. Let’s take everyone to take a look at the relevant knowledge of the touch screen.

Any Object Can Be Touched

According to the survey, it is found that the currently used touch screen has the greatest advantage over the general touch screen. That is, it can touch any object. And it will produce a certain sense. These do not require special materials for touch sensing. However, the touch screen is absolutely safe and we can use it for writing and drawing.

The Touch Screen Overlay Is Not Afraid Of Dirty

We can see the touch screen works in a completely closed state. Such a working environment is completely isolated from the outside world. The touch screen used in this closed environment has a unique natural barrier. We don’t have to worry about the pollution of dust, oil and water vapor.

Touch Screen Overlay

The Touch Screen Overlay Has High Accuracy

Experts say that size is one of the important criteria for measuring the quality of a touch screen. What’s more ,this can well indicate that the touch screen has good accuracy. Also the precise resolution of the touch screen system we made is very good and very stable. There will never be such problems as drift.

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