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Dingtouch Talking About Touchscreen Panel


The Development Trend Of Touchscreen Panel

With the development of computer technology, the computer typing method has gone through four steps from the original paper tape typing to the numeric keyboard, to the computer mouse typing, and then to touch typing. This process is a process from technical expertise to popularization. Touch screen technology allows a large number of people to use computers. The touch screen is an interactive output device. Customers can manipulate the operation of the computer as long as they touch a certain part of the screen with a finger or a light pen. Therefore, the touchscreen panel technology has the characteristics of simple operation and flexible application.

Touchscreen Panel

Advantages Of Touchscreen Panel

We produce touch screen technology  in the 1970s. And we use first in the defense of the United Kingdom. Since then, this technology has gradually shifted to civilian use . And with the development of electronic information technology, network technology and the popularization of Internet technology. A new generation of touch screens Technologies and products have emerged one after another. And We have recognized many of their advantages, such as durability, responsiveness, saving indoor space, and ease of communication.

Touch Screen Application

Gradually, this kind of easier human-computer interaction technology has been introduced to many fields. In addition to being used for personal portable information products. We also widely use in household appliances, public resources (such as smart government affairs, financial institutions, hospital outpatient clinics, power engineering, etc.), online games, communication equipment, company office automation machinery, information collection machinery and mechanical equipment. Although touch screen technology has only been used in China for more than ten years.

However, it has long become a computer typing method that is more acceptable to ordinary people after the computer keyboard, computer mouse, handwriting board, and voice input. Using this type of technology, customers can complete operations on the server by slowly touching the icons.  Or text on the computer monitor with their fingers. This makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This type of technology greatly facilitates customers. Become a tempting new upgraded multimedia system interactive machine equipment.

Dingtouch Touch Screen Manufacturer

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