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High-performance Touch Screen Technology


In the future, the market for touch screens will become larger and larger, and their uses will become wider and wider. The requirements of end customers for touch screen performance are also diversified. With the expansion of the touch screen market and the increase of participating touch screen and touch screen raw material manufacturers. Competition will become extremely fierce. In order to remain invincible in the competition, each manufacturer must have its own unique touch screen technology. The following are high-performance touch screen technologies that have been paid attention to by the industry.

High-performance Touch Screen

High Transmittance For High-performance Touch Screen

The touch screen is on top of the display device, and any touch screen product needs high transmittance. The pursuit of high transmittance is a topic that touch screens must continue to solve. In order to improve the transmittance, people have made great efforts in the materials and design of the touch screen. However, the method of bonding with the display device cannot be ignored. Furthermore, capacitive touch screens are more conducive to improving transmittance than resistive touch screens using two substrates. The in-cell method of forming the touch sensor in the liquid crystal display is the most ideal, but this is still the stage of imagination. It is necessary to keep abreast of new technological trends while advancing technological development.

Multi-touch For High-performance Touch Screen

Multi-touch can improve the expressiveness of the touch screen, the fun of functions and the convenience of use. Because the Windows system can be integrated, the attention to it will also increase. Now capacitive (projection type) touch screen is the mainstream product, and it is not limited to mobile phone production. It will also be expanded to large-size products. What kind of new technologies will emerge in the future requires attention.

Large Size And Low Cost

The market for touch screens continues to expand, but products over 10iri are more expensive than the market price of liquid crystal display devices. According to reports, the market price of a 20in TFT Color Module (TFT Color Module) is about 8,000 yen, which is close to 10,000 yen. But the price of resistive TP of this size is about 5 yen. If it is an ultrasonic TP or an optical TP, the price of a 15inch product is more than 20,000 yen. It seems that the price of the TFT display is lower. But the fact is the opposite. In the future, the cost of TP raw materials and components will be continuously reduced. Continuously improve the design to meet the low cost. Now the implementation is cost-effective and has strategic value.

High Durability, High Detection Accuracy

There are great differences in the frequency and method of use of touch screens by different customers. But they all require high durability and long life. Although the detection degree has become a very common use, we still need to improve the detection accuracy of the touch screen of the bank’s ATM machine and the station ticket machine. It is necessary to continue to improve the detection of the touch screen.

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