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How To Choose The Right Touch Chip Supplier?


Now we are widely use capacitive touch screens.Many people will use it in high-end smart industries such as smart home, air purification, and automotive vehicles. Then the choice of capacitive touch screen touch chip is important. Whether we design on the FPC or the main control board, it is very important. Can affect the functionality of the question. Therefore, the choice of IC should be very careful. The structure and functionality of the product must be considered. Different IC choices have different functions. For example, you need to wear gloves to operate, non-waterproof operation, gesture wake-up, air operation, etc., can all be affected.So how to choose the right touch chip supplier?

Dingtouch touch screen manufacturers have a lot of experience in choosing touch ICs. Will consider its applicability and functionality in all aspects. Generally, mainstream ICs such as Goodix, Duntai, Synopsys, M-star, Siliwei, ILITEK, EETI, etc. are used with guaranteed quality and sufficient supply.

How to assess whether a Touch Chip supplier is suitable?

Touch Chip Supplier

1. Technology

To measure the quality of a supplier, we must first look at whether the company’s touch development technology is advanced. Whether it meets the needs of product research and development and future development trends.

2. Quality Of Touch Chip

It is necessary to choose a touch IC with strong stability, high reliability, and good anti-interference. The consistency of batch shipment is high. And the high and low temperature changes and enviromental differences will not affect the reliable operation of the touch chip. And it will not affaect the product quality. As product quality improves, so does its premium ability.

3. Response Time

Sending an inquiry request for touch IC chip, asking for a price, asking for samples, but there is no response for half a day, and the response time is too slow, which is unstable and inaccurate to the company for purchasing, which will obviously affect the production of the purchasing company .

4. Delivery Time Of Touch Chip

The supplier must deliver the goods in accordance with the promised time and will not affect the production and listing of the entire product due to the delivery date of the touch Chip.

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