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Principle Basis Of Smart Touch Screen Glass Technology


Now,Smart touch screen glass technology is a computer input method that is more acceptable to ordinary people after keyboard, mouse, handwriting pad, and voice input. Using these technologies, you only need to slowly touch the symbol library or text on the computer screen with your finger to complete the actual operation of the server. This makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This type of technology greatly facilitates customers. It is a tempting new upgraded multimedia system interactive machine equipment.

The Essence Of Touch Screen

The essence of a touch screen is a sensor. It consists of a contact inspection component and a touch screen plc device. The touch inspection component is assembled on the front of the display screen to inspect the customer’s touch position, and send it to the touch screen plc device after receiving it. The primary function of the touch screen plc is to accept the touch information content by the touch point inspection device. And convert it into the coordinates of the contact point and give it to the CPU. At the same time, it can accept the instructions sent by the CPU and execute it.

Technical Principle Of Smart Touch Screen Glass

From the perspective of technical principles, the touch screen is a set of fully transparent affirmative plane coordinate system software. First, it must be transparent. Therefore, it needs to deal with the problem of full transparency based on high-tech raw materials. Like digitizers, writing boards, elevator switches, they are not touch screens.

Smart Touch Screen Glass

Secondly, it is the affirmative coordinate, which is wherever you touch with your finger. Without the second position, it is not like a mouse. It is a set of relative positioning system software. We can notice that the touch screen software does not use a mouse cursor. The mouse cursor jeopardizes the customer’s concentration. Because the mouse cursor is used for relatively positioned machinery and equipment. To move relatively positioned facilities to an area. The first thing you need to know is where you are and which angle to go to.  At all times, we must continue to provide users with satisfaction with today’s position so that there will be no errors. This is not necessary for touch screens that use positive plane coordinates. The next thing is to be able to check the touch posture of the finger and distinguish the position of the finger.

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