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Touch Positioning Solution After The Surface Of The Capacitive Touch Overlay Is wet


The surface of the capacitive touch overlay is wet, which is a common thing in people’s lives. Generally, wipe off the water and the touch will be accurate. But in many cases, the surface of the touch screen will often be dripped. Its working environment is different. According to many years of experience of Dingtouch touch screen manufacturers.

Capacitive Touch Overlay

This problem is not only as simple as wiping off water droplets. The specific analysis is as follows:

Analysis Of Water Droplets On Capacitive Touch screen

First of all, analyze the object of water droplets on the capacitive touch screen, how big the water droplet is, how big the area is, whether it is flowing, the use environment temperature,

It is still water mist, how conductive is it, whether there is a finger in the water, these objects must be clearly explained, and the mathematical model established can restore the object to be processed.

The Way To Solve The Problem—Capacitive Touch Screen Chip

Use Waterproof Touch Chip

The touch IC on the capacitive touch overlay also has a waterproof design on the hardware, such as cypress and synaptics

Capacitive Touch Overlay Sensor Design

The capacitive touch overlay includes N first touch sensing sensors and N second touch sensing sensors, where N is a natural number. A first touch sensor and a second touch sensor symmetrically form a rectangular sensor unit. According to the relative change of the capacitance of the first touch-sensing Sensor and the second touch-sensing Sensor. Position the position of the touch point in the X-axis direction. And according to the capacitance change of multiple sensing units.

Locate the position of the touch point in the Y-axis direction. The X-axis direction is the broadside direction of the capacitive touch screen. The Y-axis direction is the long side direction of the capacitive touch screen. Because the sensing unit is rectangular. In addition, the relative change trend of the capacitance of the first touch-sensing sensor and the second touch-sensing sensor is symmetrical, so that the calculation is more accurate, so that the capacitive touch screen can more accurately locate the touch point.

Therefore, the problem of water on the capacitive touch screen does not need to be too entangled. The end user can take the method of changing the screen. Customized customers only need to request the supplier’s capacitive touch screen to be made of waterproof design and can specify the IC model. And generally the capacitive touch screen made at present. Our company can achieve waterproof touch screen and explosion-proof touch screen during production. We can do touch screen overlay support with water and gloves. Mainly used in vehicle Internet, industrial control equipment, query all-in-one machine, smart home, wearable market, etc.

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