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What Should We Do If The Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel Cable Fails?


The Working Principle Of Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

The Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel technology uses the current induction of the human body to work. The capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. The inner surface of the glass screen and the interlayer are each coated with a layer of ITO. The outermost layer is a thin protective layer of silica glass. The sandwich ITO coating serves as the working surface. Four electrodes are drawn from the four corners. The inner ITO is a shielding layer to ensure a good working environment.

 Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

When the finger touches the metal layer. Due to the electric field of the human body, a coupling capacitance is formed between the user and the surface of the touch screen. For high-frequency currents, capacitors are direct conductors. Then the finger draws a small current from the contact point. This current flows from the electrodes on the four corners of the touch screen. And the current flowing through these four electrodes is proportional to the distance from the finger to the four corners. The controller obtains the position of the touch point by accurately calculating the proportions of these four currents.

Reasons For The Failure Of Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

The failure of the screen is because the surface is partially charged. Generally speaking, it is called static electricity. As a result, it is impossible to determine whether there is a finger or other conductor (such as a capacitive pen) pressed on it. Rub it in your pocket, press vigorously frequently, the screen is dusty, and your hands are sweaty. Or the human body itself is charged with static electricity in winter, etc., which may cause the screen to be partially charged. Except for the dryness in winter, the human body itself is charged with static electricity.

Temperature is also an important factor. Capacitive screens have strict conditions of use. For example, temperature, humidity, etc., theoretically, the operating environment temperature of the capacitive screen is required to be 0-35°C. In winter, the temperature in the north is generally lower than 0℃. Naturally, the screen may not work well.

The Solution To The Failure

Generally, it can be solved by a forced restart. Press the power button and the home keyboard at the same time for about 8 seconds. You can enter the forced restart state. But if it still cannot be solved, this is mostly a problem caused by hardware. This is usually caused by a fall, or a fall not long ago. The touch screen of the screen has been loosened, and after a period of time, the direct wiring fell off.

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