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The Warehouse Replaced Pen And Paper With Industrial USB Capacitive Touchscreen


In the transportation and distribution industry, know where your products are in the warehouse and where they are on the road. It is the key to operating a profitable business with excellent customer satisfaction. In order to keep the warehouse organized and efficiently transport products (some of which may be owned by the customer). It will require accurate data recording and tracking After comparison, only industrial usb capacitive touchscreen can help the warehouse’s operational efficiency reach the desired level.

Challenge Of USB Capacitive Touchscreen

In order to perform various work functions, including transportation, receiving and inventory management. The warehouse uses paper spreadsheets. Then manually enter it into the PC at the end of the day. Complications caused by this process include incomprehensible handwriting. Transpose errors, data loss, and time-consuming aspects. In order to promote the development of the company and improve the consistency of all warehouse locations. The warehouse sought a mobile computing solution to help centralize the data collected throughout the warehouse in real time. So at this time, if you have an industrial touch screen, you can solve these problems.

Industrial USB Capacitive Touchscreen Solution

In order to solve these problems, many industrial controls now use industrial touch screens. Because of it, the staff can directly use the touch screen to record data. Or it can control the operation of all industrial machines. This can improve work efficiency.

USB Capacitive Touchscreen


For the warehouse, it is always hoped to use a full-featured Windows operating system to complete the operation. Now the operation includes inventory control, cycle counting, shelf life management, communication, transportation, receiving and so on. Through the use of standard Windows software and self-developed applications. Now you can understand its warehouse more clearly. Since the use of industrial touch screens, we have witnessed product traceability and data visibility. The communication with customers and the overall efficiency of the warehouse have been significantly improved.

In addition, industrial touch screens have become the top priority for end users to enable products. Improved the positive reviews of customers. And when we designed and saw our strategic growth plan, it proved to be a “worry-free” solution.

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